Dr. Joseph A. Whelan Elementary School

1440 Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence, RI 02904
Phone: (401) 233-1180  |  Fax: (401) 353-1465

Principal: Mrs. Amanda Donovan 

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Grade 2

Whelan 2nd-grade students are given new, rigorous coursework, but not without preparation and guidance from our teachers who establish an exhilarating environment for them to thrive in. In 2nd-grade, students become critiquers, educational interrogators, more self-sufficient researchers and more articulate communicators.

As they progress through their elementary education, 2nd-grade students learn life skills and academics simultaneously, and truly begin to apply what they read and talk about at Whelan to the world outside of the confines of our school campus.


Grade 2 Mathematics

At Whelan, we make numbers make sense. Our 2nd-grade students learn a variety of more advanced concepts, including telling time, the value of money, measurement systems, and addition and subtraction. We use clever phrasing within the math problems we present to students to pull them into math lessons.

Before a student can solve a problem, they must understand the concept of the problem. Our educators help students take a few steps back to look at all variables of a problem, but also show them why those elements matter. This helps students lock in a deeper understanding of math, and strengthens their practice and study habits.

Grade 2 English and Language Arts

What’s in a name? In 2nd-grade at Whelan, with the help of our educators, students start to take apart pieces to puzzles of literacy to better understand this. Of course, English Language Arts is taught throughout the day across subjects students are learning, whether it be science, math, or visual arts.

Students become authors, book critiquers, and honorary “book club” members in 2nd-grade, as they interpret text, share their written works, and strengthen their reading comprehension. Our students work on individual journaling and literacy workshops, read books they’ve chosen, find their favorite types of stories, and make real-world connections with what they take away from reading.

Grade 2 Science

Second-grade students at Whalen don’t need to board the “Magic School Bus” to go on a scientific adventure. During this academic year, students further sharpen their engineering skills – testing materials, analyzing data, creating their own experiments in pairs, groups, and independently, and asking more detailed questions.

Students learn that science involves math, literature, reading and proofreading, and efficient use of digital tools. Our young learners see that science is a communal language everyone can relate to, and our educators keep up with trends that students love to incorporate them into their lesson plans. Take slime, for example. We make “slime,” disguised as “just for fun,” and use that activity as a teaching moment.

Grade 2 Social Studies

At Whelan, Social Studies and History is far from boring. Our goal is for our students to discover history – not merely be taught history. We ensure our 2nd-grade students understand cultures and societal, historical, and governmental systems – it’s not a memory game.

Learning about the world should be fun, and at Whelan it is. We’re able to provide a stimulating environment for our students with engaging read-alouds, relevant content, and discussions about students’ own heritage, family traditions and conventions, and Whelan community ethics. Students develop an appreciation for the similarities and differences between people and places of the world.

Grade 2 Teachers

Mrs. Kaila Alger (Kittell)

Mrs. Stephanie Voccio