Dr. Joseph A. Whelan Elementary School

1440 Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence, RI 02904
Phone: (401) 233-1180  |  Fax: (401) 353-1465

Principal: Mrs. Amanda Donovan 

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Grade 5

Fifth-grade students at Whelan have the knowledge to comprehend, the skills to succeed, and most importantly, the will to learn. By the time they graduate from our school community, they are aware of how much education impacts their lives and the lives of all those around them. In their last year as Whelan students, children have improved their writing, listening, communications, scientific, artistic, and mathematical craft.

They have become better students, community members, and friends. At Whelan, we set students up for success through the elementary years, and prepare them for the rest of their academic careers as they advance to middle school and beyond.


Grade 5 Mathematics

Math in elementary school represents a journey – an expedition in which students grow from learning about basic concepts like addition and subtraction to fractions, money value, observing data and statistics, and finding solutions through deductive reasoning and sharp calculations.

Unsuspectingly, our 5th-grade students have become more scholarly mathematicians. They navigate through advanced problems, interpret and identify variables, and become fluent in the “language” that is math. With preparation, encouragement from teachers, and personalized learning, our oldest students are ready to make the jump from elementary school to middle school.

Grade 5 English Language Arts

Fast forward to 5th-grade, and you’ll see just how much students have progressed over the years of English Language Arts instruction at Whelan. Students have grown drastically in reading, writing, story structure and understanding, and revision techniques.

If it’s a new word, students are looking it up. If it’s a complex story, students are deconstructing it to put it back together in their minds. If it’s a blank piece of paper, students are changing that with their imaginations and a pencil. If it’s a new book, they’re leafing through it. A love for reading and writing begins at Whelan, and lasts long after students leave the confines of our school community.

Grade 5 Science

It’s a big world out there, and 5th-grade students at Whelan are more than ready to uncover all it has to offer and test the limits of what is considered “possible.” They ask more worldly questions about ecology, biology, geology, and genealogy.

In their final year at Whelan, students want to know how to protect the planet they’ve learned so much about. They want to continue making links between humans and the natural world. They proudly take on the role of “stewards” of science and future leaders of inventions and discoveries.

Grade 5 Social Studies

From their first years as Whelan students, educators have planted “the seeds” for a love of learning about people, culture, society, and the way systems work. By 5th-grade, we see the fruits of that labor. Students are more engaged in civics than ever before, learn about serious moment in history and why they matter today, and are thrilled to become more involved in the communities they’re a part of.

That includes not only our Whelan family, but their neighborhoods, their circle of friends and families, North Providence, and on a global community scale.

Grade 5 Teachers

Mrs. Vanessa Puccio

Mrs. Jamie Dilorenzo